A team oriented family value goal driven experience founded on partnerships, joint ventures, investors and individual clients alike

M8000 constitute implementation of strategic and sensible advice to integrate academic planning with a drive to achieve practical completion of the task at hand!

This is the foundation stone of the partnership between two different but complimentary sectors (financial and contract execution) represented by the executive composition of the company in the personalities of Stephanie and George.

We are integrity bound individuals displayed in our work ethic, with no claim to perfection but committed to prompt solution finding and deliver expectations within the framework of the project parameters!

Coinciding with our philosophy “to employ the right people for the job!” grounded in our believe of competency to avoid regretting the pain of momentary “cheap bargaining “versus a fair price for a fair job!

The organogram vehicle responsible for sensible project management solutions to both existing and potential valued venture partners, contractors, service providers, suppliers and clients alike.




M8000 Investments (Pty) Ltd – Registration number 2014/105505/07

  • Source investors for prospect projects.


M8000 Project Management Services (Pty) Ltd – Registration number 2014/105515/07

  • Management and oversee of projects and construction sites.


M8000 Construction Maintenance and Services (Pty) Ltd – Registration number 2014/105517/07

  • Construction and related activities to meet the objectives of the project plan.

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Stephanie Olivier

Phone:  +27 71 167 1637



George Franks

Phone: +27 (0)714 152 4515



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