George Franks

George Franks

George’s extensive expertise and knowledge within project management and property development sector is grounded in the hands on training and experience obtained over a period of 24 years divided into the first 7 years employed within a parastatal body and 17 years within the private sector. Productivity and efficiency is evident in his unique hands on style of sequential planning and execution of the task at hand.

His career commenced in 1989 in the Telecoms sector and were extensively trained and utilized in concrete principals, zoning, and liasing with affected and interested parties, tender procurement and adjudication, project planning and execution.

Proceeding to become a civil contractor by the end of 1995 and received an accolade as best up and coming contractor from Telkom SA in 1996 within the Gauteng region.

A shift in activity came about in 1998 with completing a property law course attended at Oxford institute of realtors facilitating the receipt of fidelity fund certificate to practice as accredited real estate agent.

From 2000 engaged in turnkey facets of property development i.e. project planning anf management, land identification, feasible and viability studies, procurement of professionals, sourcing, essential engineering services, marketing and construction. 44The combination of vital skills and experience ensure a turnkey accomplishment for both the project team and stakeholders!

Stephanie Olivier

Stephanie Olivier

Stephanie’s journey commenced within both the financial and project management sector in 2000 as article clerk and progressed to achieving fully qualified accountant status in 2002. She delivers on expected project objectives rooted in her vast experience obtained in her field and beyond. Proudly assisting business owners in securing sustainable market business growth and better return on investment.


She was instrumental In identifying M8000’s newest scale project comprising an exhilarating 300 bed hotel in the West Coast of South Africa connecting various stakeholders and role players.

Independent contracted professionals and service providers 

Due to the factual nature of the industry, our highly rated team effort will ensure utmost professionalism and accuracy within the parameters of our objective.

  • Town Planners
  • Valuers
  • Land Surveyors
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Traffic Engineers
  • Environmentalists in conjunction with specialist
  • Geologists
  • Health and Safety officers
  • Architects
  • Interior Design
  • Marketing Agents
  • Attorneys
  • Suppliers
  • Independent civil and building contractors
  • Database Investors

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